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Problems with 7-1:

- I tried to make pca with landsat data, but my qgis always stop. I dont know why, only that file descriptor was wrong. Maybe also pca was not right in this situation. With rapid eye the pca worked.

- When i try to make spatial artificial image, I tried to use the filter, but it did not work, because I must use 1 band, and I did not know which one.

- Can I ask to please give me this artificial images so I can continue with next task for next week?


Solution for 7-2:

- I made the training areas with Landsat-near infrared, pca of RapidEye and google maps. I did not find clouds.





MEG- AM- L05

For the study an algorithm for geometric, radiometric and atmospheric corrections is used to remove clouds and dust. The area was analysed for 10 years. The purposes for the time series are to evaluate if low quality observations are given and to assess data bevor and after using the filter. Quality indicators Show,how effective a filter works. Temporal percistence can be described by the autocorrelation function. The filter removes estimated noice and bad Quality of the input data.