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In the following graphic one can see the storey structure of the forest (grey = singlestorey, purple = multistorey)


The second graphic show the distribution of the trees, calculated with R. Negative values (here not existing) indicate that the distribution is normal, “0″ indicates a random distribution and positive numbers are indicators for a clustered distribution.



In the following we present a possible worklflow how to check the relation of tree distribution and forest structure (single/multi-storey).

1. Exclude points in ArcGIS that are no trees –> add necessary data to the attribute table (e.g. coordinates, single/multi-storey, location in grid etc.).

2. Import tree data in R (csv) –> including coordinates, single/multi-storey (see 1.).

3. Create a grid in R (windows).

4. Analyse distribution of respective trees –> PPP, envelope.

5. Compare the result of envelope with the value (multistorey or singlestorey) of the grid.

6. Verify the results of step 5 by statistic tools in R.