1. The DEM is used to show the last returns of a LiDAR dataset and contains the topography. LiDAR used a linear interpolation technique to generate the dataset.

2. The DSM is used to show the first returns of a LiDAR dataset and contains amonght others tree canopies and buildings. To generate this datset, the DEM data was substracted by complete dataset of LiDAR.

3. A value as a parting line between single- and multi-story areas has been calculated. All values under this value have benn allocated to the single-story areas and all the other values above have been allocated to the multi-story areas.

4. The single-/multi-storage data set classifies in two classes, single or multistorafe. The CV calculates a ratio between standard deviation and mean tree height.

5. There are tree crowns with more then 1 peak witch can be counted as two trees. Trees with low height can also be not detectet as an own tree in the dataset.

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