Problems with 7-1:

- I tried to make pca with landsat data, but my qgis always stop. I dont know why, only that file descriptor was wrong. Maybe also pca was not right in this situation. With rapid eye the pca worked.

- When i try to make spatial artificial image, I tried to use the filter, but it did not work, because I must use 1 band, and I did not know which one.

- Can I ask to please give me this artificial images so I can continue with next task for next week?


Solution for 7-2:

- I made the training areas with Landsat-near infrared, pca of RapidEye and google maps. I did not find clouds.





One thought on “Private:AM-W07

  1. Thomas Nauss

    Training areas generally look fine although some are across different land cover types which is not a good idea. Regarding the filter: it depends. The first PCA could be used as an input for filtering as could be the NDVI or anything else.

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