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Private: MEG-DM 08 – Hex


My skrip does not work. I really still not understand R very well. I want to learn it more in Christmas Vacation.

numberguess.dac <- function() {
  lower_bound <- 1
  upper_bound <- 1000000
  wanted_number <- sample(lower_bound:upper_bound, size=1)

  guessed_number <- upper_bound/2

  while (guessed_number != wanted_number){
    ifelse(guessed_number > wanted_number, upper_bound = guessed_number-1)
      ifelse(lower_bound = guessed_number+1)
      guessed_number = (lower_bound + upper_boune)/2

microbenchmark(numberguess.dac(), times=100)



Weekly Status

At the session I learned, that the possibility, that in a see fishes can not be found in a model, because their population is too small, is a guarantee, that a population of fish doesn’t die out.

My favourite aspect of the session was to see, that physicists can better connect between natural science and social science than geographers.