A good and a bad graph in our opinion

Not the best graph!

Unbenannt1(Uploaded to flickr by “JaBB”, 2011)

The graph shows  15 types of spread for breakfast. It was uploaded on the 28th February in 2011 on flickr.com. The link to the site is:


It was uploaded by the user “JaBB”.

The type of the graph is a pie chart. The colour scheme is quite colourful and it is hard to see a regularity. The background is colourless.

The pro and cons of this chart are shown beneath:



- The pie is splitted in different groups ->better visualization of the chart- Has got a headline and a legend for the different types of spread -  What’s the source of the data?-  Same matching colours for different spreads- distribution on a percentage basis is not shown in the chart

- focus is on meat no variability, e.g. cheese

-  Overlapping of the wedges on the left side of the chart indistinguishable

The better one!

Unbenannt(Uploaded to Wikipeida by “Idimitrios”, 2004)

The graph shows the consummation of alcohol of teenagers at the age of 15 years. It was uploaded on the 20th July 2004 on de.wikipedia.org. The link to the page is:


It was uploaded by Wikipedia User:  “Idimitrios“.

The type of the graph is a bar chart. Under the headline is a sub-headline which describes the topic more detailed. In the same box is also the legend located. The colour scheme is split into two different colours. Blue bars for Boys and Red bars for Girls. The background of the chart is light yellow. You have two axes in the chart. The x-axis shows 14 different countries. Germany is the only one, which is visualized as a flag. The y-axis shows the percentage of consummation. The maximum of the y-axis is 60 percent. The source of the data is from the WHO of the year 2003.

Positive Negative
-Source of the Data is visible in the Graph-Clear distinction between boys and girls-Good contrast with background colour

-Topic of the bar chart is obvious

-Guides help you to read the bars

-Axes are labeled correctly


-It is not clear on how many people the data are based on-Why are this fourteen countires choosen for the graph (not identifiable from the text)

One thought on “A good and a bad graph in our opinion

  1. Kyril Kyril

    Gute Wahl der Grafiken, schön übersichtlich gestaltet,
    ganz, ganz toll, dass das schon in Englisch ist-
    gute Gestaltung des Blogs- kurz und bündig- insbesondere die tabellarische Darstellung von Pro und Contra

    Inhaltlich: Inhaltlich gut gelungen, verständlich und nachvollziehbar argumentiert,
    bei der schlechten Grafik gibt es noch einige negative Aspekte zu ergänzen, z.B. die unötige und kontraproduktive Darstellung in 3D und in Perspektive, Verzerrung macht genaues Erkennen der Daten unötig schwer.
    Ein weiterer kleinerer Punkt ist die Kritik an der “Fleischlastigkeit”, die für die eigentliche Qualität eines Diagramms weniger relevant ist.

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